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The Grapefruit & Granola Podcast

Jun 26, 2018

Therapist Jessa Zimmerman joins the podcast today to discuss tips for improving your relationship. She and Samara discuss how to enrich your relationship with your partner, although many of Jessa's tips can be applied to all relationships in your life! 

In this episode, they discuss: 

  • Why you should "play your own side of the court"
  • The importance of saying no when needed
  • How to process the situation and respond in times of conflict
  • What being angry really means
  • How being open is better than being vulnerable

About Jessa Zimmerman:

Jessa is a licensed sex therapist and couples’ counselor. She specializes in helping couples who have a good relationship but who are avoiding sex because it’s become stressful, negative, disappointing, or pressured. She educates, coaches, and supports people as they go through her 9-phase experiential process that allows them real world practice in changing their relationship and their sex life. She does this work through in person therapy in her office in Seattle, online therapy for Washington residents, her Better Sex podcast, and her soon-to-be published book, Sex Without Stress. 


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Instagram: @jessakzimmerman


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